How to navigate Extraordinary

This is where I will be gathering all of those little gems of navigation knowledge that stand out or stubbornly refuse to sit anywhere else. You can explore some of these examples at the bottom of this page.

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Spectator Reviews Wild Signs

The Spectator have just reviewed Wild Signs and Star Paths: "It’s a thoughtful, lyrical book about the hidden connections between flora and fauna, the landscape and the weather, and most of its wise and wondrous observations are gleaned from the author’s rambles around the English countryside. . . It’s a…

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A Painting Puzzle

My thanks to Sebastien from Leipzig, Germany, for sending in this photo of a painting in the Museum of Communism in Prague. Have a good look at the picture. Q.1 Can you spot anything amiss? There is one aspect of the painting that won't ring true for natural navigators. Q.2…

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Camberwell Beauty

What price to see a butterfly I've never seen before? I found this one in the garden yesterday and believe it is the rare migrant, Camberwell Beauty. (Known as the 'Mourning Cloak' in the US). UPDATE FROM COUNTY RECORDER, PAUL JOHNSON: Many thanks for your email and the photo which…

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