How to navigate Extraordinary

This is where I will be gathering all of those little gems of navigation knowledge that stand out or stubbornly refuse to sit anywhere else. You can explore some of these examples at the bottom of this page.

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New Podcast Interview and Vehicle Tracks on Grass

I recently ran a course for Leanne Spencer of Bodyshot Performance. At the end of the course we did an interview for her podcast. You can hear the whole wide-ranging half hour interview by going to this page. During our course we looked at lots of clues and signs as…

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Stick Charts at the Royal Academy

Last night I was invited by the very nice people at Tourism New Zealand to the opening of Oceania, a wonderful exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts celebrating the art from the Pacific region. The President of the Academy reminded us that it is 250 years since James Cook's…

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Samuel Pepys and his Moon Compass

From an entry in Samuel Pepys' diary on Saturday 19th August 1665: So to Stanes and there by this time it was dark night, and got a guide who lost his way in the forest, till by help of the moone (which recompenses me for all the pains I ever…

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