How to navigate Extraordinary

This is where I will be gathering all of those little gems of navigation knowledge that stand out or stubbornly refuse to sit anywhere else. You can explore some of these examples at the bottom of this page.

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A Shadow Stick in the Bahamas

This just in from Dick Forte in the Bahamas... Tristan, Here is a Gooley-inspired sun dial in the southern Bahamas, just inside the tropics, 74 56.9 w, 23 06.5 n. (I call it a Gooliation, an elision of Gooley with inspiration or celebration.) The conch shells with blue tops were…

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Camel Camouflage

During a recent brief visit to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, I was fortunate enough to witness a rare phenomenon. At this time of year the wild camels become especially vulnerable to the Arabian leopard (Pantherus pardus nimr), as it extends its hunting range. The leopard is now…

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Proof Arrived, Contents Pages Snapped

The proof of 'Wild Signs and Star Paths' has just been delivered. I'm more than a little excitable - no coffee required this morning. If you'd like a preview of the contents pages I've just snapped them and set them out, more detail about the contents on this page:…

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