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A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Navigation

This one day course provides a general introduction to natural navigation. It is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors, including: walkers, sailors, pilots, explorers, travellers, map-lovers, expedition members, adventurers and those curious about the world around us.

At the end of the course participants will have a good understanding of the principles behind natural navigation and should be able to orientate themselves at a basic level on land, sea or in the air, by day or night. The course takes place in a classroom as this allows us to cover the world by day or night. Participants are guaranteed a unique insight into the subject with the help of unusual models and Tristan’s unique collection of natural navigation photographs and video. No previous experience is necessary.

This course has been honed over 8 years to be as thorough an introduction to the subject possible in one day.

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The Country Navigator

If you are looking for a leg-stretch and a thorough taster of the subject then this private course is the one to go for. It can be booked on any available weekday afternoon (usually 2pm-5pm) and consists of a three hour walk in one of the most beautiful areas of the South Downs in West Sussex. It includes practical instruction and some basic celestial theory as well. This course can be booked in other locations, please enquire for details.

The Pathfinder

This is a one day executive development course. The course can be tailored to be as ‘challenging and demanding’ or ‘relaxing and fun’ as required. It includes the basic elements of natural navigation. This course can mix outdoor and indoor training. No previous experience is necessary.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke and private training for groups or individuals can be arranged, from one afternoon to extensive programs.

Instructor’s Course

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Other schools offering natural navigation training; this is just a directory, not endorsement:


Survival Wisdom, Cornwall

Original Outdoors, North Wales

Wild in the City, London

Woodcraft School, West Sussex

Intrepid Scotland, Scotland

Mintaka Bushcraft, Surrey

Hands On Bushcraft, Gloucestershire

Polaris Bushcraft Hertfordshire

Wild Harvest, Yorkshire


Natural Awareness Tracking School, Virginia, USA

Clay Bowers, Michigan, USA

Nature Aventure Survie, France

Nature School Norway, Norway

If you offer natural navigation training in the UK or internationally and would like to be listed here for free, please get in touch.

What sort of person comes on the courses?

All sorts! Those who enjoy fresh air and have an open mind. So far there have been artists, soldiers, writers, navy officers, drainage engineers, lawyers, accountants, RAF navigators, police officers, marketing people, IT people, farmers, foresters, actors, sailors, builders, midwives, astrophysicists… No astronauts… yet.

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