“Natural navigation is the rare art of finding your way using nature”

Tristan Gooley | Author of “How to Read Water”


Sea Foam

Sea foam is a sign of two things: agitation and surfactants. Sea foam forms when water is whipped up by the wind or churned by waves or both, but it only forms when there are chemicals in the sea known as 'surfactants'. Surfactants can be…

BBC Sky at Night

Tristan Gooley teaches BBC Sky at Night presenter Chris Lintott how he finds his way through the woods at night using the stars and a 'handrail'. BBC Sky at Night - Wonders of the Night Sky

101 Adventurers

If you are browsing this website then there is a fair chance that you are a restless soul, prone to roaming. You might find this new website offers some ideas or inspiration: 101 Adventurers Happy Scheming!