“Natural navigation is the rare art of finding your way using nature”

Tristan Gooley | Author of “How to Read Water”


BBC Radio 4 Tweet of the Day

I was honoured to record Tweet of the Day for BBC Radio 4 recently. I chose the wood pigeon, more for its physical behaviour than its song. You can listen here. I remember feeling a bit surreal when doing the recording. It was about 3.30am…

The Wedge Effect

My thanks to Malcolm Pinches for sending in these great examples of the 'wedge effect' from the Isle of Eigg in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. For a full description of this effect and how to use it to navigate see The Walker's Guide to Outdoor…

New Podcast

Whilst in the US in March, I recorded an interview with Jason Milligan for the G.O. - Get Outside podcast. It has just been broadcast...?... podcasted...? Definitely casted. You can listen from this page.