How to navigate in the City

Natural navigation in a town requires a lot of lateral and vertical thinking.

Will the answer be found in the satellite dish way above me, or the asymmetric pollution near my feet? Or perhaps there are still plants and animals to help.

One of my favourite clues is the human animal. Head against the flow of people at the start of the day or with the flow at the end and you are pretty much guaranteed to find a station.

Whenever I need to get to a meeting in a big city, I try to make sure I have half an hour or more to spare and then start my journey from an unknown point a mile or so away. This is very easy to do if you are travelling on public transport as you just pick the station or two away from your destination.

The next thing I do is make sure I remain alert to the direction the clouds are moving. If you stay tuned to the general direction of clouds passing overhead, it is much less likely that you will get totally disorientated.

There are hundreds of similar techniques to help the navigator on asphalt. I've included a few below and many more in my books and courses. To date, I've collected fourteen different ways to use religious buildings to find direction.

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