Talk Nerdy

Tristan Gooley has done a 1 hour podcast interview with 'Talk Nerdy' host, Cara Santa Maria. You can hear it…

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The Secret Life of the Puddle

The current issue of Country Life contains an article by Tristan Gooley about 'The Secret Life of the Puddle' More…

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How to Read Nature

My latest book, How to Read Nature, is out today! I chatted to Brett McKay over at 'The Art of…

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Water the Essential and Water Survival Box

My thanks to Vaughan James (pictured right) for a fascinating evening at the Shapero Modern gallery on Tuesday. Vaughan's exhibition,…

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A Bestseller in Poland!

The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs has become a bestseller in Poland Dziękuję Ci to everyone who has…

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Mabiniogion and the Stars

A couple of nights ago I listened to an interesting talk about the Mabinogion and the night sky, by the…

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Atlas Obscura and Animated Wayfinding

Atlas Obscura have worked with me to create a beautiful animated guide to five natural navigation techniques.

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7th Printing for Lost Art

The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs is now into its seventh printing in the US. My thanks to all…

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Newsletter Mini Challenges

I just sent out my latest newsletter (you can subscribe at the bottom), which included the four mini challenges below:…

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Be guided by nature
@SussexWildlife Aye. Definite orangey hue here in Chichester area.
‘Episode 179 - Tristan Gooley’ by @CaraSantaMaria on #SoundCloud? #np
'Boar War': the Forest of Dean pixies fighting against the cull of wild pigs
Butterfly swarm shows up on Denver radar system