Shadows on Water

I'm just back from a brief visit to Prague, where I witnessed many wonderful things. Included among the small delights…

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A Shadow Stick in the Bahamas

This just in from Dick Forte in the Bahamas... Tristan, Here is a Gooley-inspired sun dial in the southern Bahamas,…

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Beach Stripes

Can you work out the cause of the beach stripes in the picture above? There are 6 stages. ------------ Answer:…

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Eric Ravilious and the Duck's Bottom Effect

The English artist, Eric Ravilious (1903 -1942), is loved of many of us who tramp the same chalky hills of…

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How to Spot a Dangerous Sandbank or Reef

How to spot a dangerous sandbank or reef: Note the change in colour and the breaking waves. At night only…

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Camel Camouflage

During a recent brief visit to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, I was fortunate enough to witness a…

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New Event, Advance Notice - Hay Festival

New Event, advance notice: An illustrated talk on Wild Signs and Star Paths at Hay Festival, Thursday May 31 at…

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The Colour of Mud as a Compass

Readers of my books or this blog will be well aware by now that we should expect to find more…

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Proof Arrived, Contents Pages Snapped

The proof of 'Wild Signs and Star Paths' has just been delivered. I'm more than a little excitable - no…

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Be guided by nature
How To Read Water

Find out how to read water

RT @PeoplesAstro: Yeah funny that lol
RT @PeterGWeather: Dodgy phone pic through the eyepiece of my telescope, but the shadow detail along the terminator was fantastic tonight.…
RT @CountrysideBen: Today's lunch time view, up on Morrone in the #Cairngorms :)
Moths on the window. (A sign I forgot to turn off a light last night.)
RT @Al_Humphreys: Good guy, excellent Trust, really good educational resources and events. 👇