Mabiniogion and the Stars

A couple of nights ago I listened to an interesting talk about the Mabinogion and the night sky, by the…

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Atlas Obscura and Animated Wayfinding

Atlas Obscura have worked with me to create a beautiful animated guide to five natural navigation techniques.

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7th Printing for Lost Art

The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs is now into its seventh printing in the US. My thanks to all…

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Newsletter Mini Challenges

I just sent out my latest newsletter (you can subscribe at the bottom), which included the four mini challenges below:…

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New York Times - By the Book

My thanks to the Don Winslow for giving How to Read Water a mention in the 'By the Book' column…

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Trentepohlia, Moisture and Signs Pointing North

Here is a nice example of trentepohlia on the north side of a tree. This algae can be one of…

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BBC Radio 4 Tweet of the Day

I was honoured to record Tweet of the Day for BBC Radio 4 recently. I chose the wood pigeon, more…

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The Wedge Effect

My thanks to Malcolm Pinches for sending in these great examples of the 'wedge effect' from the Isle of Eigg…

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New Podcast

Whilst in the US in March, I recorded an interview with Jason Milligan for the G.O. - Get Outside podcast.…

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