Heiligenschein or Halo Effect

Here is a lovely example of Heiligenschein, or 'halo effect'. When a bright light source is directly behind us, we…

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Sea Foam

Sea foam is a sign of two things: agitation and surfactants. Sea foam forms when water is whipped up by…

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BBC Sky at Night

Tristan Gooley teaches BBC Sky at Night presenter Chris Lintott how he finds his way through the woods at night…

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101 Adventurers

If you are browsing this website then there is a fair chance that you are a restless soul, prone to…

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Cat's Paws on Water

When a gust of wind touches the surface of calm water, it creates a localised patch of bigger ripples. These…

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Rewild Yourself Podcast

Daniel Vitalis interviews Tristan Gooley for the 'Rewild Yourself' podcast.

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How to Read Water - Out in German

How to Read Water has been published in German, as 'Die Geheimen Zeichen Des Wassers'.

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Common Reed, Phragmites Australis

Every plant we see is an indication of how close we are to water. Some clues are weak, some are…

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The Difference Between Waves and Swell

One of the commonest questions ocean watchers ask is: What is the difference between waves and swell? The concise answer…

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How To Read Water

Find out how to read water

Heiliginschein or Halo Effect:
@DavidWilsn All short term wind-related clues need resetting after each strong blow. The strips will be consistent…
@IntrepidRanger It's a joke. Not a very good one, granted, but not to be taken too seriously. I am planning to use…
Any solar panel experts out there who can help me figure out why this one isn't working?
RT @Guestlandlord: @NaturalNav This of interest Tristan?