The Collection

The Collection – What is It?

The Collection is a digital showcase for my favourite clues and signs from recent journeys. It contains photos and videos of the best examples I have come across. The Collection is a visual companion to my books and the online course.

Each month I find myself on small and sometimes larger journeys. And every day I spot many dozen, often over a hundred, outdoor clues and signs.

I’m always on the hunt for two things: novelty or brilliance. If I find any great new clue, it’s been a good day and you will probably soon find it in The Collection. And if I find an outstanding example of a familiar clue, that may be added.

Not all of the examples I come across are amazing, but for every hundred observations or photos, there are always a few gems. Some of the most interesting ones find their way into my books, but many don’t only because they are not a natural fit. However good a new tree clue might be, it doesn’t belong in a book about the weather, for example.

For the past few months I’ve been working with my web design team at Pallant Digital to create a home for these unusually strong clues and signs. And after lots of hard work on both sides, it is ready.

It is called The Collection. It currently contains photos or videos of the 36 best clues from seven recent short journeys and it is growing steadily.

How can I access it?

The Collection is freely available to everyone on the online course. Please join the course to get full unlimited access to The Collection, alongside all the other course resources. For more information on the course please see this page.

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