The Collection

The Collection – What is It?

The Collection is a digital showcase for my favourite clues and signs from my journeys. It contains photos and videos of the best examples I have come across. The Collection is a visual companion to my books and the online course.

Each month I find myself on small and sometimes larger journeys. And every day I spot dozens of outdoor clues and signs. But I only spot a few extraordinarily good ones on any journey.

I’m always on the hunt for two things: novelty or brilliance. If I find any great new clue, it’s been a good day and you will probably soon find it in The Collection. And if I find an outstanding example of a familiar clue, that may be added.

Some of the good-but-not-amazing ones find their way onto social media. And a few of the most interesting ones find their way into my books, but many don’t only because they are not a natural fit. However good a new tree clue might be, it doesn’t belong in a book about the weather, for example.

The Collection currently contains photos or videos of the 154 best clues from 23 recent journeys and it’s growing steadily.

How can I access it?

The Collection is freely available to all members.

Please become a member to get full unlimited access to The Collection, alongside all the other online course resources.

For more information on the online course or to request an e-brochure please see this page.

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