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Nature’s Clues and Signs – Tarn, France

Here’s my selection following a short visit to friends in the Tarn region of southern France.

Stately Homes

The older, bigger and grander a building is, the more confidence we can have that it will face south in the northern hemisphere.

In the image above we are looking close to NNW from the aircraft window and we can see Christopher Wren’s ‘South Front’ of Hampton Court Palace.

The South Front of Hampton Court Palace
The South Front of Hampton Court Palace

Cumulus over Concrete

Any built-up areas absorb the sun’s heat well and warm up more quickly than rural land and especially water. This creates local thermals which in turn lead to cumulus clouds bubbling up above or just downwind of these areas.

In the image below there is an industrial area by Southampton water – an oil refinery – and there is a concentration of cumulus just above it.

Update: Cloud Formation Video

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