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Natural Navigator Membership gives you more than just the inside track on natural navigation, it’s a gateway to understanding all the amazing clues and signs out there.

Natural Navigator Membership Benefits:

  • Full Access to The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Navigation Online Course
  • Exclusive Access to the Members’ Discussion Forum
  • Full Access to The Collection – Tristan Gooley’s favourite signs from recent journeys
  • Advance Notice of limited-ticket events with Tristan
  • Members-Only email and video updates
  • Priority response to any questions
  • Exclusive insights into the book Tristan is working on
  • Development Tips Videos
  • Advanced Online Lessons

Cost £49 per year (Approx. US$60 ).

Which is a lot less than a Starbucks coffee once a fortnight.

And the great news is you can try it for 7 days without paying anything:

If you would like more information about the online course included in the membership please download the brochure.

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