Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Podcast Episode 5 – The High Seat – Out Now!

Episode 5 of my new podcast, The Pursuit of Outdoor Clues is out now and can be downloaded via most the usual places. Try this link if you don’t have a podcast favourite place:

If you are not somewhere where you can listen, then I’ve used an automated transcription service to give you a flavour of the start below. But please bear in mind that this is unedited and so some of it may unfortunately be gibberish!

Hello and welcome to The Pursuit of Outdoor Clues. I’m in my local woods, still under lockdown. But it’s a little bit different today, because I’m staying entirely in a deer high seat, one of the high chairs in this case is built up against a beech tree, and used by the Ranger to control deer numbers with the rifle.

It has a few advantages and lifts the ranger above the scent of the animals which is one of the reasons I love to come here as well. It’s approaching 6 o’clock, mid April, still the sun is a bit high for us to see a lot of deer. If we’re lucky we might see one.

I am looking north, but actually looking at the south side of the trees many beech, a couple of small yew trees in the middle distance, a few Holly, couple of Hawthorn, but mainly beech and as I look to my right as I look North I’m looking at the south side of many beech trees and they look very clean barely anything growing on on the bark itself…

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