Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

Natural Navigation Training

Tristan Gooley

To the best of my knowledge*, these are the only places in the world offering natural navigation training. This is a directory, not endorsement.


The Natural Navigator, West Sussex

Original Outdoors, North Wales

Wild in the City, London

Woodcraft School, West Sussex

Intrepid Scotland, Scotland

Polaris Bushcraft, Hertfordshire

Howl Bushcraft, Yorkshire

Wild Harvest, Yorkshire

Survival Wisdom, Cornwall


Natural Awareness Tracking School, Virginia, USA

Clay Bowers, Michigan, USA

Maine Primitive Skills School, Maine, USA

Nature Mentoring, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nature Aventure Survie, France

Nature School Norway, Norway

Ecoastro, Brazil

*If you offer natural navigation training anywhere in the world and would like to be listed here for free, please get in touch.