Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Nature’s Clues and Signs – Thorney Island

Tristan Gooley

I’m just back from a wonderful walk, exploring the unique landscapes of Thorney Island in southern England.

Most of Thorney Island is a military base, which is really helpful when it comes to preserving wilderness as it means most of it remains undeveloped and untrodden. It is possible, once you’re buzzed in through a security gate by the guard, to walk the 14km circuit around the whole island.

Like many of these places, it feels less than inviting on the way in, and really beautiful once you are in.

But it is a wild, magical and bewitching place once you’re in.

Here are my favourite clues from my day on the island.

5. The Step

4. Windswept Tree Compass

A textbook windswept tree compass. What direction are we looking? Answer at the bottom.

3. Wet Ground Sign

As I made my way along a path through some long grasses, I spotted a few dark clumps of soft rushes that gave me an instant warning that there was wet or boggy ground ahead. The effect can be seen more clearly in this photo:

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