Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Which Direction is the Train Heading?

The video above was filmed from a train in England. Watch it a couple of times and see if you can work out which direction the train is heading, North, East, South or West?

There are good clues on the buildings and inside some of them.

Plus some sun and wind clues in the plants too.

You might find it helps to pause it.

Spoiler alert… Answer below…

There are lots of solar panels on the roofs, which are more common on the south-facing side.

TV satellite dishes in the UK tend to point close to south-east.

There are white screens in the glasshouses to protect the plants from southern sun.

There are lots of wildflowers, more common on south-facing side of tracks.

The south-westerly winds have bent some branches over, but this is confused by the turbulence from the trains.

The train is heading… West.

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