Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

Grass Colour and Soil Depth

The colour of grass can indicate the depth of the soil.

Towards the end of summer, especially hot dry ones, the colour of the grass can turn from green to brown. But it doesn’t do it evenly and there is a clue in the shifts in colour.

The first grasses to suffer and turn brown are those with the worst access to water. These tend to be on shallow, poor or compacted soils.

Deep soil allows deeper roots which translates to longer more dependable access to moisture in times of drought.

In late summer, green grass means deep soil.

In the photo above a lawn has been dug up to lay two thin pipes. The soil was returned and the lawn was reseeded. The soil is much deeper above the two pipes than between it, which is why we see two thin green lines.

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