Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Foraging for Blackberries

Foraging for Blackberries

It is that time of year already, the blackberries near me are ripening up nicely.

Natural navigation and foraging can be blended together when searching for any sweet fruits:

  1. Sweetness comes from sugars.
  2. Sugars are very high energy.
  3. This energy only comes from one place: the sun.
  4. The sun gives us most of its energy when high in the southern sky.
  5. We will find the sweetest fruits in south-facing spots.

In a nutshell: Sweet is South!

It is also worth remembering that blackberries/brambles – Rubus fructicosus – is actually a family of sub-species (over 300 have been identified in the UK alone). So you will get some major flavour differences between plants within the same stand sometimes. But that is where the fun lies, the next one will always be the perfect one.

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