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How to Connect with Nature

Tristan Gooley
how to connect with nature by tristan gooley book cover

A deep knowledge of our natural environment is no longer a vital part of everyday survival, certainly for those of us living in cities and working in weatherproof offices. Unless we have an inherent love of the great outdoors, do we really need to connect with nature? Tristan Gooley believes that real connection, no matter how small, can enrich us as individuals, allowing us to see every living thing in its own intricate network. Offering a host of techniques, he helps us awaken our senses and deepen our understanding of nature’s cycles, conflicts and relationships. By cultivating the right mindset we can gain a better appreciation of the world, both indoors and outdoors.

🇺🇸 This book has been published in the US as ‘How to Read Nature‘.


“In this book, I have tried to show how there is at least one practical and fundamental skill that will appeal to each of us, depending on our background, culture and interests. We can choose from natural navigation, natural medicine, foraging, tracking, building, art and many others – and it is through these simple skills that we first learn to see the natural world properly.

Our appreciation of the power of our senses and of time grow. The satisfaction and enjoyment that this engagement brings leads to a self-reinforcing cycle, which ferries us to some extraordinary philosophical places.

A connection with nature is life-changing and the only negative in this change is that it can make our previous lives appear one-dimensional. ” Tristan Gooley



I. Introduction

II. The Ground Ahead

1. Getting Ready

III. Finding A Path

1. The Practical Way In

2. The Senses

3. The Big Relationships

4. The Finer Connections

5. The Beauty of Conflict

IV. Getting Closer

1. Hidden Calendars

2. Fast Change

V. Real Connection

1. The Clocks Within

2. The Strengthening Cycle

3. There Are Only Two People Outside



🇺🇸 This book has been published in the US as ‘How to Read Nature‘.