Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

Reasons for Pre-Ordering a Book

Tristan Gooley

If you like the look of a book, please do consider pre-ordering.

Here are some really good reasons to a pre-order my latest book:

1) You’ll be one of the first to learn hundreds of fascinating weather signs, clues and patterns that very few people know. 


2) It supports your local bookshop if you go that route. 

3) It can sometimes save you quite a lot of money if you go the Amazon route (the price often fluctuates in the run-up to publication and Amazon guarantee to lock in the cheapest price for you)

4) It really helps support the work I do, much more than you might guess. Publishers love pre-orders, so it massively increases the likelihood that I will get asked to write another book. The research I do is fuelled by book commissions, so pre-ordering is a form of sponsoring my research :), which is one more reason why I’m always so grateful to anyone who does.