Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Navigating with Sheep Shelters

We are looking North-West. Note the barn in the background shares the same alignment.

The island of Texel off the coast of Holland is a windswept and interesting place.

Sheep farming is an important part of the rural economy. The farmers don’t expect the sheep to bear the brunt of the winds all year without some respite and so they have built shelters.

The sheep barns are exposed to the winds all year and experience has taught the locals that there is no point fighting the elements if you can work with them.

The barns, called Schapenboeten locally, are built to face into the prevailing south-westerly winds. The roof slopes down into the wind, presenting a more aerodynamic profile and making the buildings less vulnerable to gales.

In the picture above, south-west is to the left of the picture and we are looking north-west.