Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Which Way Are We Looking? Bramble Leaf Edition

I took the photo above in the south of England recently.

What Direction Are We Looking? Answer below.


We are looking…


Leaves orient towards the light and isolated leaves, in open spaces, are more likely to face south  than any other direction.

Another big clue is the colour of the leaf. This is a bramble leaf and the red pigmentation (anthocyanins) is a clue that this leaf is exposed to lots of sunlight, a sign it is more likely to be south-facing. 

On the same day as taking the photo at the top, I took a few more pictures of bramble leaves. Here are the brambles on the north facing side of a track:

And here they are on the opposite, south-facing side of the same track. Note the colour change in the leaves:

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