Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

What is a Plucking Post?

A plucking post with feathers from a wood pigeon

A plucking post is an elevated area used by birds of prey, and occasionally other animals, to pluck and feed on their recent prey.

All animals go through different stages of alertness and vigilance. Prey animals have to be wary of predators, but they also have to feed. This leads to alternating periods of feeding and vigilance.

Predators are not immune to threats in their environment and need to stay alert to the activity of other predators and scavengers in the area. This is especially true soon after capturing prey, as there is now an easy meal on offer.

The higher an animal is, the better the field and range of vision. Animals like birds of prey like to take new prey to a raised area, like a tree stump or proud rock, to begin preparation or feeding. If a bird has been taken by a bird of prey, then the preparation includes plucking the feathers and the signs are obvious; hence the name, ‘plucking post’.

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