Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Snow Signs in Finland

My thanks to Chris, who writes with some very interesting observations from the Kangasala region of Finland:

“In the first picture (above), if you look at the volume and depth of snow on the trees branches it really paints the compass tick effect in the trees. Like icing on a cake. More snow builds up on the side with the less steep branches. Particularly noticeable on the lime tree in right of the photo.

In the second picture (below), the snow beneath the Alder trees is amazingly yellow. You can use this to identify Alder trees from a great distance and also it provides a compass, as it mirrors the trees canopy. This is really a spring sign and something you notice after a couple of mild plus degree days. Just noticed it for the first time today.”

Another huge thanks to ‘Chris in Finland’, I absolutely love receiving interesting observations from unusual habitats.

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