Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

How to Beat the Wind

I’ve been faced with an interesting weather challenge recently. I needed to take a sail off my boat for maintenance. This is something I can only do on my own when the winds are very light indeed.

But we’ve had strong winds every day when I could do the job recently. The solution?

I decided to beat the winds out of bed.

There is often a noticeable drop in wind speeds between midnight and sunrise. 

Shepherds use a few old sayings along the lines of:

‘The wind dies down when the sun goes to bed.’ 

Sailors might prefer, ‘When the sun goes down, the ocean lies down.’

Image credit: Chimet

It was a fiddly job and there was a lot of slipping around on a frozen deck in the dark, but I did at least beat the wind. 

I returned to the scene after breakfast and took the photo below. 

You can see the fun I had, I was lucky not to go overboard in the marina!

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