Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

Feedback from Michigan

My thanks to Tim Webb for reading my books and writing with some local feedback:

I thought you may enjoy this photo. Contrails in west Michigan typically run east/west, our satellites dishes point SSW and at the time of this picture the high Cirrus eventually turned to Cirrostratus, then altostratus then finally, about 24 hours later we had rain.

We had some beautifully warm, low humidity days prior to this weather.

Reading your book(s) has taught me so much about the weather and natural navigation. I have them all, I give them as gifts, listen to the audiobooks and podcasts.

 I’ve used many of your navigational aids professionally as well. Believe it or not, as a paramedic, which you might think to yourself, what does that have to do with natural navigation ? Well we serve both urban and rural populations and need to navigate in unfamiliar areas with sometimes very limited cell coverage.

I have used the sun, trees, faded vinyl siding, solar panels, satellite dishes and  cemeteries to get and keep me going in the right direction. Keeping me on track until I can get back to cell coverage or an area I’m familiar with. In our business time can mean life and death. A wrong navigational decision could lead to a poorer outcome.

So thank you, thanks for all you do, the books are truly excellent.

Thanks for the kind words Tim. We all share global principles, signs and patterns, but I always enjoy the local perspective. Thank you for the work you do.