Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

Finding Direction through Bird Nests in Termite Mounds

A guest blog post from Brazil, by Pedro and Gersony C.Jovchelevich.

Termites are insects belonging to the order Isoptera, also known here in Brazil as ‘siriris’ or ‘hallelujahs’.

Termites are ecologically important social insects, contributing to the aeration and bioformation of soils. Termites are common in the Cerrado biome, “Brazilian Savanah”.

Termites build their “houses” in the shape of mounds.

In my observations I have noticed that birds that nest in termites (like the yellow woodpecker) prefer to protect themselves from the predominant south wind, which is colder and more intense in this area. So the access holes to the nests are made mainly on the North side.

Thanks Pedro and Gersony!

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