Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Which Way Are We Looking? – Australian Edition

I receive lots of emails asking whether the natural navigation signs in the books, newsletter and on the website work in the southern hemisphere. The answer is: yes.

The names, labels, species and even cardinal directions indicated might change, but the principles are identical.

To celebrate natural navigation in the southern hemisphere, here is a puzzle from Down Under (a very NH-centric way of putting it, I concede.)

The above photo was taken in Australia.

Which direction are we looking? North, south, east or west?

Clue: there is more than one tree in this photo.

Spoiler alert… here comes the answer…

Look at the shape of the trees and the ‘tick effect‘ in the main tree, but especially in the tree on the right, in the background. It shows that most of the light is coming from the right.

In the northern hemisphere that would indicate south to the right and tell us that we are looking east. But south of the tropics it indicates that north is to the right and that we are looking…


My thanks to Bill Eden for sending in this great photo from Australia.

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