Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Which Way Are We Looking?

Two questions today.

I took this picture yesterday. Which direction are we looking?

And a tougher one: what sign is there in this picture that the three day forecast is good?

Clue: you’ll need to get first question right to stand a chance in second. Answer later today.

Spoiler alert, here come the answers.

1.The shadows are very short which indicates that it is near the middle of the day. The sun is to the right, so… we are looking east.

Weather one is much trickier and requires a couple of small leaps.

2. There is barely a cloud in the sky, which suggests we are probably in a high pressure system. Highs can block out bad weather for days, but we can do a bit better than that…

3. Cows, horses and many other prey grazers routinely stand with their rear to the wind. It gives them a form of 360 degree vision, as they can pick up scent from the tiny angle directly behind them that they can’t see. (Also cows prefer to stand north-south.)

Given 1,2 & 3 above, we can say we are in a high pressure and the wind is from the north.

High pressure winds circle clockwise about their centre.

When the wind is from the north it means the centre of the high pressure is to the west. Most weather comes in from the west, so when we have a northerly breeze and a high pressure system, we can expect the high to pass slowly over us. The weather is normally set fair for a long period.

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