The Point Key

Thanks for reading my books, Dan, and for your interesting email.


I am enjoying your newest book [Wild Signs and Star Paths / The Nature Instinct], it’s full of great insight and very entertaining. I find myself quoting some of the portions to friends. I had just read about “The Point” key, which involved some cows.

Later that day as I was driving down Ocean Drive where we have several public parks by the bay, I spotted an “urban” version of “The Point”. I saw two police cars aligned next to each and facing in the same direction and I knew something was amiss in that park as I was driving by. It suddenly dawned on me that I was witnessing “ the point “ and it made me smile as I thought, I would have never made that connection without your book! I am amazed at all the things that I now “see and read” around me since I have read all your books.

I was bird watching the other day in a marshy bay and I was looking at the ripples of waves as they approached a small sandbar. I suddenly realized that I was looking at a miniature model of waves undergoing refraction and bending into a “cove“ as you described in “
How to Read Water“. I think it’s Snell’s Law also. I never in a million years have recognized or made that connection without your book! I will try to include a picture of that “cove” and see if it transmits. I know it’s nothing but I want to share it; as you very aptly stated in your newest book; the third criteria is “ you have to care” about what you see!


Dan Acosta