Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

Brendan the Navigator

Writing the sorts of books I do is hard work, at times dauntingly so. But emails like this make me want to charge out there and write another. Thanks Brendan.

Hi Tristan,

As a sailor for 42 years who has been on boats since the age of 6 weeks, I was thoroughly amazed at how many amazing things your book ‘How to read water’ brought to life.

I bought your book just before we took a family holiday in Mudeford, Dorset and what a place to experience your observations. With it double high tide, river, spit, groynes, folliage, sea and fauna it provided the perfect exploring areas to notice to patterns you described. Having spent the week SUPing, windsurfing and swimming I came back with a new ‘view’ of water.

I’ve attached a shot of Christchurch Harbour at sunset taken from Mudeford pier. Notice the wake trails, tidal ripples and slick lines just as the tide is ebbing, but more just look at the beautiful colours. Bass and mullet everywhere as well…

Even better was the Irish Ferries trip home from Pembroke to Rosslare where I was able to spot several rises and signs of porpoises, dolphins and other fish. The dead wakes were also so visible in the glitter of the sun.

As a fellow author (Leadership and Spittuality books) I loved your writing style and passion for nature.

I was called Brendan after St Brendan the navigator and I think he and the other seafaring monks of ancient ireland must have used many of the skills of observation you describe. Tim Severin did a recreation of that voyage.

Keep up the wonderful work and opening our eye to what is in front of us.

Thanks for a super book.