Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Shadows on Water

I’m just back from a brief visit to Prague, where I witnessed many wonderful things.

Included among the small delights were these views from the ‘Karlův most’ or Charles Bridge.

Most sightseers’ eyes will be drawn to the beautiful architecture cloaked in sunshine.

But water-readers must lower their gaze to the river and the shadows thereon.

These shadows are a sign of silt in the river. Pure water – with no suspended particles – holds no shadows. For more detail on this, see p.142-3 in How to Read Water.

Remember that shadows are not the same as reflections. We will still get a mixture of light and darker reflections off water, pure or silty, when looking across it. As we look across at the National Theatre below, we see the light of sky and the darkness of the buildings:

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