Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail


When developing an understanding of nature, one of the most exciting moments comes when the pieces start to join up.

Take the scene in the photo above. Blue sky, birds, low sun somewhere…

The blue sky… is caused by the high pressure weather system… the sun gives us direction… the birds confirm wind direction… and all these things are intimately connected.

The way the birds are facing is not only strongly connected to the current weather we are experiencing – they face into the wind (something I’ve written about while looking at the same roof before) – but it also forms part of an understanding of what is to come.

For those who would like to burn off a few mince pies with some gentle mental gymnastics:

High pressure systems will be on your left if you face into the wind, like these seagulls. The sun is close to southwest late in the day at this time of year. There you have enough information to start drawing a synoptic weather chart. Think of it as avian rooftop version of part of the Shipping Forecast.

Merry Christmas Natural Navigators,

Wishing You a 2015 full of wonderful journeys, great or small!