Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Gauging Distance from Point of Ayr Lighthouse

After a brief visit to North Wales, I took the opportunity to go for a walk along the beautiful Talacre Beach, towards the Point of Ayr Lighthouse.

As you will see in the following pictures, the lighthouse has weathered some elements, but some sides have fared better than others. This is nearly always the case, because the sun, wind and water do not hit each side equally.

Lighthouse from the south

From the west.

From the north.

And from the east.

The beach is beautifully long and the dunes all look fairly similar. I had to work out which dune my Land Rover was parked behind. I used an old trick of noticing that the lighthouse was as high as my extended fingertip was wide when I started my walk, so all I needed to do was walk back along the beach until it shrunk to that height again and voila, there was the cut-through to the car.