How to use TV Aerials as a Compass

I have written in many places about how TV satellite dishes can be used to help find direction, in the UK they normally point close to southeast.

Using conventional TV aerials is a slightly different skill, because the direction they point varies from place to place, depending on the location of the nearest transmitting station.

The best tip is not to place too much emphasis on any one of these aerials, but it is usually safe to rely on dominant trends.

All you need to do is glance up occasionally as you travel through an area of a town that is new to you and you will regularly find that nearly all these aerials seem to point in the same direction. You then just check which way that is using any other method, eg. sun, satellite dishes etc., and once you’ve done that you’re all set.

If you become disorientated after that, you just need to glance up and having worked out the trend in that area earlier, you will have one more compass to rely on. Even if you can no longer find the sun or any other clues.