Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex


I took this photo in Chichester the other day, at midday.

Chichester has four main streets, North, East, South and West. (A fairly appropriate home city for me.)

You can probably eliminate a couple of those quite quickly, but which of the remaining ones is it?

It’s not a great photo, taken on my iPhone whilst walking, but there are a couple of good clues.

I’ll update with an answer in a few days.

Update, spoiler alert:

We are looking due south on North Street.

The clues are: the midday sun plus the flag blowing from right to left, ie. from west to east.

At a stretch, the furthest building we can see is slightly bigger than all the others. As a general rule, buildings get taller towards the centre of towns, which is a clue that we are looking south on North Street, not south on South Street. Yes, I know, not very clear at all in this picture, but not a bad general rule if you are totally disorientated in a town.