Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

All Roads Lead Home

I’m just back from a week in Cornwall, where I have been helping the BBC with a new series called, ‘All Roads Lead Home’.

It has been an amazing experience and most excitingly it means that… natural navigation is coming to a televison near you soon!

The premise of the series is as follows: Alison Steadman, Sue Perkins and Stephen Mangan learn how to navigate naturally and then go on 3 journeys together, each one to a place that holds some important connection for them. (Sue Perkins loves and lives in Cornwall, when she is not inhabiting a tv or radio that is.)

There will be lots of walking in stunning locations, a little messing around in small boats and even some natural navigation in the air. I will be adding loads more detail here during the weeks in the lead up to the time the series goes out, in early September on BBC2.  All I have time to write here is that it promises to be an extraordinary bit of television for anyone with any interest in navigation, the outdoors or extreme-relaxing in front of the box.