Wild Flowers

I have been doing my best to research the preferences of wild flowers over the last couple of weeks, although writing deadlines have made it something of a sporadic affair. Mad dashes for fresh air and flowers, before it is time to confront the silver tyranny of the MacBook Pro once more.

I have not visited the area of wild flowers for a long time and it has been great fun to garner a few new observations. However, there will always remain hundreds of fascinating habits out there, waiting for the right moment to overcome their shyness and reveal all.

I have noticed that Speedwells, the blue four-petal flowers from the Veronica family, seem to have a preference for the west-facing and north-facing sides of paths in this part of the world. That is they can be found more commonly on the southern side of W-E paths and the eastern sides of N-S paths, not exclusively by a long way, but in numbers that suggest it is not random. Is anything in nature entirely random?

It is early days yet, so I’m not convinced this is a dependable trend yet, but it looks promising at this stage. If this does prove reliable, then the best theory I have at the moment is that they have a preference for sunlight late in the day.

Please do send over any wild flower trends that you have heard of or come across.