Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Sculptures in the Sand

Each part of the world has its unique natural navigational heritage with distinct differences, making each appear totally foreign to the other on first meeting.

What could the Pacific Islanders possibly share with the Bedouin? Or the Vikings with someone going for a walk in an English wood? All these navigators share views of the sun, moon and stars, but all will also have a relationship with the wind. The wind sculpts the land and sea all over the world, it leaves its marks wherever we care to look for them. The swell of the oceans, the shape of the dunes and the curve of the exposed trees all betray their intimate relationship with the wind.

Here are some small sand sculptures that I photographed among the dunes on West Wittering beach a few weeks ago. The swell of the Pacific and the dunes of the Sahara are not so foreign to the forms on this West Sussex beach after all.