Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

It Hits!

After many woeful noises in the news about snow in the north, it finally hit us properly in the South Downs last night. More of a faint thud than a bang, as cakes of snow slid off the roof and hit the ground. Most of the snow in this picture fell last night.

We live off a road that becomes totally impassable very quickly: no ploughing, salt or grit has been seen in these parts! All journeys will be on foot for a couple of days I suspect.

Fortunately I managed to get out to my Contessa 32 yesterday and turn a heater on. I’m hoping to go sailing this weekend and if I can get to Chichester marina it may prove possible. Whilst at the marina yesterday I noticed that the northerly wind was corralling the flakes of snow that were settling on the surface down into the southern nooks of the marina. Unbelievably the southern edges of the marina appeared to have some very loose pack ice!