Trail in Namibia Trail in Namibia


My thanks to all the GQ readers who came to my natural navigation talk at Molton House in the West End last night. Thanks also to Monkey Shoulder whisky for hosting the night.

I am fortunate, my work takes me to all sorts of places: deserts, mountains, universities, bookshops, islands, offices, clubs, societies… but never before had I been invited to a venue that describes itself as, ‘a sybaritic haven’.

If talking about the natural world in such a quintessentially urban venue was to some extent a clash of cultures, then it did not seem to phase readers of GQ, who beat the tube strike to pack the place out. There were lots of good questions at the end of the talk. Notably a series of ones enquiring about the difference in abilities between men and women. It wasn’t an all-male audience by a long way and, even if it had been, I knew to step carefully. These questions need a cool navigational approach at all times!