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Equinox Trivia

Happy Equinox All!

At nine minutes past three this morning, GMT, the sun was overhead the equator.  To celebrate, here are a few things that you may or may not know about the equinox. Only one of them is not true.

The sun will rise due east and set due west for everyone today.

The direction (bearing) of sunrise and sunset changes by more each day at this time of year than at any other time.

On the December side of the equinoxes the sun is always overhead the southern hemisphere, on the June side it is always overhead the northern hemisphere.

Everyone on the planet shares an equal length day and night on the equinoxes.

Satellites that appear stationary and stay over the same spot on the Earth’s surface are called geostationary or geosynchronous and they remain in orbit over the equator. As the sun passes over the equator at the equinoxes, it passes behind these satellites and can cause interference in telecommunications.

Many of the world’s religions observe the autumnal equinox, including the Druids and the Native American tribe, the Chumash.

Eggs can be balanced on their end on the equinoxes.