Green Flash Hunting

Last night I managed to take 46 photographs in a desperate bid to catch the elusive, and some like to say mythical, 'green flash' at the moment of sunset. The green flash is an optical phenomenon caused mainly by blue/green light bending more than the reds/yellows. There is a fuller description of its causes on Wikipedia.

I did not manage to see or capture the flash, but peering out across the Persian Gulf at the anchored ships, feeling the cool westerlies coming off its waters as the heat of the day faded... is not a bad way to endure a fruitless search.

It is often very difficult to see the sun clearly at the moment of sunset due to clouds or haze, but there are times when, if the sky is clear, the air is dry enough and the horizon is an ocean, then the sun can be seen very clearly all the way down - as in this case. These conditions do not congregate frequently in the UK, which may well be one of the many reasons we associate sunsets with holidays.

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