Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

It’s Back in Stock!

After selling out in under 48 hours on Amazon and elsewhere, the book has been reprinted and is now available again at most shops – online or off. Thank you to all who have bought the book so far; after the thousands of hours that have gone into the research, writing, editing, illustrations, production and launch, it is wonderful to know that it is being read. Thanks for the nice feedback too, a recent favourite:

“I recently bought a copy of your book and loved it – quite remarkable! My brother has stolen it from me yesterday – he’s a Qantas Pilot so I’m guessing it’s somewhere over the Pacific at the moment.”

A couple of days ago Sir Ranulph Fiennes – no stranger to fresh air projects! – described the The Natural Navigator as:

The perfect book for getting you started on your own adventure.”

It is perhaps time for a minor celebration and what better way than with a picture of some of pale green lichens. During a long walk on La Palma in the Canaries, I came across this lava field where the black igneous rocks were covered in a thin carpet of lichen. The lichen had a strong preference for a northwest aspect. Later the same day, the sky filled with thick low clouds and these same lichens helped me find me my way back to civilisation. The first picture (top left) was taken looking southeast, the second picture was taken seconds later, looking northwest from exactly the same spot. using lichen to navigate