Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Sahara Desert Fossil?

Ok, this snow has been fun, but…

… now we’re so low on heating oil, firewood, coal and food that the sense of humour reserves are looking a bit depleted! School’s off the menu and the kids refuse to play in the snow anymore as they’re bored of it now. They go mental after being cooped up inside for this long, so my wife has inflated the boxing bag that they were given for Christmas in the optimistic hope that they might stop hitting each other and us.

Drastic evasive action needed and so I went on a crazy solo excursion (after spending an hour digging the car out of the snow and defrosting it). I returned with coal, a little wood and food. The car got me there and nearly all the way back, but I needed a spade and lots of gravel to make it back up our road. I staggered back in the door, coal bag slung over one shoulder and covered in rapidly freezing sweat. Nice.

Things are a bit warmer now, but feeling like a change of scenery and unable to edit the white from the view outside, I decided to go through some photos of my trip to Libya in March. There were so many unusual sights that I didn’t have time to look into after returning. This is a photo of what I presume to be a large fossil in the desert rock? It was about 3-4 feet across. Answers, as usual, on a postcard or, failing that, an email please.