Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

3 Courses and One More

A thick cold damp mist is bogged in over the South Downs this morning. I haven’t been out much this week as I seem to have been zooming up and down the A roads to the Royal Geographical Society and back. On Monday night it was the last president, Prof Sir Gordon Conway’s farewell lecture followed by a black tie dinner with the new President, Michael Palin CBE. Good food for mind and body and, as always at the RGS, great company and stories round the tables.

Yesterday I gave my Beginner’s Guide to Natural Navigation course for another wonderfully diverse gang. A smattering of walkers, pilots and sailors, but among them a filmmaker, mum, banker, psychiatrist, gardener, construction engineer and designer.

The RGS is always a fun place to spend the day, but it had an unusual and slightly surreal feel to it yesterday as there was a conference going on for professional helicopter medics. The Hall was filled with people demonstrating amazing bits of equipment for patching people up. It all looked and sounded very high tech. Balloons inflating as expensive looking displays showed graphs and lines going up and down. Even a machine that quietly went ‘ping’.