Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Friday’s Course and Tennis Courts

I have just been sent some photos from a private course I ran in the South Downs on Friday afternoon. The three navigators were Dom, Rog and Hamish, all of South African heritage. Hamish can be seen here, fighting his way through the best that the South Downs can offer in the way of ‘bush’. We discussed many things during the course, some of them wonderfully off-topic, including Zulus and radioactive aliens.

Someone mentioned that tennis courts have to be aligned a certain way to be LTA approved and so I thought I’d try to investigate this interesting notion. Google Earth shows the courts at Wimbledon to be aligned close to North/South, but with a definite northwest/southeast component. If anyone knows more about this then answers on a postcard – if you live in the nineteenth century – or email if you don’t, please.