Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

BBC Countryfile

Recovering from a full and fun day filming with Jules Hudson and the team from the BBC’s Countryfile program. We were out on the South Downs and I spent the first two-thirds of the day teaching Jules some of the methods for navigating using nature and then ‘released him into the wild’ with a tricky challenge. If you’d like to know whether Jules managed to find his way using nature then it is being shown on BBC1 this Sunday evening (03 May) at 7.30pm.

I learnt plenty on the day too, Jules was an archaeologist by trade and a passionate historian, before becoming a presenter and his view of the landscape is similarly analytical to mine, but his senses are used to scouring for slightly different details. I learnt about how Wellington used to read the land in front of him, about hill forts and burial methods amongst many other things.