Green Tinged Trees

Green tinge beech trees

Picking up on a theme I touched on a few days ago, it is remarkable and delightful how differently we all see the world. Yesterday during a short course in the South Downs, we were sitting on a bench with a great view having a drink of water and a snack. It is a bench and view that I have come to know very well, at least I thought I had.

Scale is such a key to reading the land, the ability and conscious decision to zoom in and out, from miles of landscape one minute to the tiniest patch of lichen the next. Maggie who was sat only two feet from me, spotted something in front of us that I had never noticed before. Her eyes were clearly picking up colours more sensitively than mine yesterday as she had picked out some shades of purple in a distant woodland earlier. She drew my attention to the green tinge in the beech trees that dominate this photo. We are looking south, where the land disappears is the sea, and the moist conditions of the north side of these trees must be proving heaven for mosses and lichens.