Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex


Tristan Gooley

A collection of images for readers of the book, WILD SIGNS AND STAR PATHS.

NB. These are not images from the book (which has its own excellent illustrations, drawn by Neil Gower, who also did the cover), but are pictures that accompany concepts explained in the book.

Apologies for the lack of animal images (the book has lots on animal behaviour and body language), but my photography has not been up to it in most cases.

Please do send in your own examples. With your permission and fully credited, I’d love to include them on this page.

See Part I, Ancient and New


See Part II, The Sky Map.


See Part II, The Shear.


See Part II, The Edge and Musit


The Ramp Key x 2 (Grass and Trees)


The Friend, Guest and Rebel Keys (Two Friendly Oaks and the Rebel Lombardy Poplar in the distance)


See Part IV, Two Frosts.


See Part II, The Reaper


See Part II, The Shear and The Sky Map


See Part II, The Ramp


See Part II, The Fire


See Part III, The Track


See Part II, The Celebration and Shadow


(Thanks to Harry for this pic.)

See Part II, The Edge and Musit


The Sentinel Key


You can also view the Contents Pages of the book on this page.