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What is Fetch?

The definition of the word 'fetch' is simple: The distance that wind travels over open water. The first time we come across this word it is natural to ponder why anyone would feel the need to name such a thing. And even if we concede that somebody decided to define…

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Cat's Paws on Water

When a gust of wind touches the surface of calm water, it creates a localised patch of bigger ripples. These can be seen as a different colour, normally darker. The effect has the nickname 'cat's paws' as some people believe it looks like a cat's paw print or a cat…

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Navigating by Windswept Grasses

It was great to be out there on Harting Downs again, in the mist, navigating by the feel of the wind and angles of the windswept grasses. One of the joys of autumn. In this picture, what direction are we looking? ------- SPOILER ALERT - ANSWER AND EXPLANATION BELOW ----------…

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