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Equinoctial Gales

Last night winds reached 40mph here in West Sussex, bringing down a thick harvest of leaves. It was a breeze when compared to what some parts of the world have been experiencing recently, but it is classified as a proper gale nonetheless. There is a widely held and strong belief…

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What is Fetch?

The definition of the word 'fetch' is simple: The distance that wind travels over open water. The first time we come across this word it is natural to ponder why anyone would feel the need to name such a thing. And even if we concede that somebody decided to define…

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Cat's Paws on Water

When a gust of wind touches the surface of calm water, it creates a localised patch of bigger ripples. These can be seen as a different colour, normally darker. The effect has the nickname 'cat's paws' as some people believe it looks like a cat's paw print or a cat…

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