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Nature's Radar

Nature's Radar, my academic paper on natural navigation observations during a small boat voyage in the North Atlantic has just been published by the Journal of Navigation. A full colour PDF copy is available by clicking here There is also a rough HTML version. Journal of Navigation, http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?aid=8725663

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The Whale Mystery

I have been meaning to blog about whales for some time. My apologies to those who have gone without a good whale navigation blog for too long and who have doubtless suffered needlessly as a result. A story about the way whales navigate made the news a few weeks ago.…

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Sarah Outen

On Friday I enjoyed a warming cup of hot chocolate with adventurer and ocean rower extraordinaire, Sarah Outen. We arranged to meet in Brighton and I had hoped to saunter between the boutiques and purveyors of rare tat, before pulling up a chair in a bohemian cafe near the sea.…

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