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Red Sun, Sand and Wildfires

As Ophelia ravaged the west coast of Ireland yesterday, the south coast of England was spared the high winds. The storm did suck in smoke from Portugese and Spanish wildfires and also dust and sand from the Sahara. The small airborne particles scattered the light at the blue end of…

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Mabiniogion and the Stars

A couple of nights ago I listened to an interesting talk about the Mabinogion and the night sky, by the astronomer Martin Griffiths (pictured). We stood in a garden before adjourning to an inflatable planetarium. It was the launch of the Llangwm Literary Festival. The Mabinogion stories were set down…

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Snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis

Galanthophiles will have spotted that the snowdrops are out. The ones near me are showing a strong preference for pointing south. The direction flowers point is influenced by many things, but a key consideration is whether the species is pollinated by insects. Flowers that depend upon insects need to be…

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