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Why are some leaves red?

Why are some leaves red and what does it mean? We assume leaves to be green, but also notice how there are exceptions - a show of reds, golds and yellows is expected each autumn. But what about all those red leaves we see turning up in the middle of…

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Shadows on Water

I'm just back from a brief visit to Prague, where I witnessed many wonderful things. Included among the small delights were these views from the Karlův most or Charles Bridge. Most sightseers' eyes will be drawn to the beautiful architecture cloaked in sunshine. But water-readers must lower their gaze to…

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A Shadow Stick in the Bahamas

This just in from Dick Forte in the Bahamas... Tristan, Here is a Gooley-inspired sun dial in the southern Bahamas, just inside the tropics, 74 56.9 w, 23 06.5 n. (I call it a Gooliation, an elision of Gooley with inspiration or celebration.) The conch shells with blue tops were…

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