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Orion Returns

Look east just before dawn on a clear morning and you'll now be able to see an old friend returning. Orion is blotted out by the sun from May-July, but reappears at this time of year. For the next few weeks you'll only be able to see this constellation briefly…

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Fountain Rainbow

If you look closely at the partial rainbow created between the fountain and Chinese Pagoda in Victoria Park, London, you might notice that there is an orange band, but no clear red one. The rainbow has been created by the mist-like tiny droplets from the fountain, not the main drops…

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A Painting Puzzle

My thanks to Sebastien from Leipzig, Germany, for sending in this photo of a painting in the Museum of Communism in Prague. Have a good look at the picture. Q.1 Can you spot anything amiss? There is one aspect of the painting that won't ring true for natural navigators. Q.2…

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