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Viking Sunstones

The Economist have just published a letter I wrote to them regarding a recent academic article on Viking sunstones. In the following letter I put forward what I believe to be an original argument on this popular subject. I have no way of proving this theory, which puts me in…

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The Whale Mystery

I have been meaning to blog about whales for some time. My apologies to those who have gone without a good whale navigation blog for too long and who have doubtless suffered needlessly as a result. A story about the way whales navigate made the news a few weeks ago.…

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An Audience with the Almighty

My research into this subject constantly leads me, very willingly, back to the thin line that runs, curving between philosophy, religion, science and nature. If such a line exists - discuss!I would go so far as to say my work would be very awkward if my personal jury had come…

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